Wasted Youth Blind Nuns Lyrics

Reagan's In / Get Out of My Yard Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Fuck Authority
  • 2 You're a Jerk
  • 3 We Were on Heroin
  • 4 Punk for a Day
  • 5 Flush the Bouncers
  • 6 Reagan's In
  • 7 Problem Child
  • 8 Teenage Nark
  • 9 Uni-High Beefrag
  • 10 Born Deprived
  • 11 Young and Bored
  • 12 Blind Nuns
  • 13 Ethiopian Nightmare
  • 14 Happy Birthday
  • 15 Missionary Imposition
  • 16 Tormented
  • A chosen one she'll set you right
    Shes a soul a nun shes a slutty lesbian
    Respect her and praise her
    Admire her and follow her
    But in the night she's a dyke
    Two sisters locked in sixty-nine
    She'll bless your soul play a nuns role
    She'll let the power take its toll
    Holy slut holy nun
    We can see you are the one
    At night she goes to bed
    But with another nun instead
    Its not for some religious come
    Its for unfaithful catholic nuns
    And we can all see
    The dreams and lies alibis living in the public eye
    And we can all see
    Phoniness lots of press living in unhappiness
    And we can all see
    Theres lots of talk hypocrites unconventional Politics
    And we can all see
    These nuns sure ain't from God
    'Cause they're living in hell's facade
    Sister Mary quick get undressed
    'Cause I know its your pee thats been blessed.

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