Stavesacre Blind Hope Lyrics

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a room, thick with wine
and all of the sadness
of a heart that time alone won't heal:

do you remember all the bad times
when precious few were found by my side?
you stood by
while others whispered word of my demise.
your presence... a comfort in the the longest of nights
i cried and cried and you let me
hide behind the love you always gave

i know you had no blind hope of saving the world
you only gave it and asked none in return
you knew that though years may pass by,
loving takes more time for some of us.

while in retreat to all our outer stations
death has caught us all by surprise
you told me,
you gave so long and nothing was returned
a burden that you no longer choose to endure
and all you were is gone now
buried by the years and lost in all of the words

i don't have
some blind hope of saving the world
i only wanted you to know your love is returned
i know that the years have passed by,
but loving takes more time for some of us

a car crash and another hero falls
breaking hearts and phone calls
everyone and no one was there at all
what now?

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