Ca$his Bless The Speaker Lyrics

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You see the heat up under that young nigga pro club
He's got that, that '86 crack field to her huh?
You know what it is nigga
Crackers back nigga
This is dedicated to all the OG homies
Now work this back nigga like it's 1986
You know with 22's since the dating
Dickings was in V suz
When 5 60's SCC's in some calm little GT's nigga
When the brown 9 mm was AR 50 with the licence cokes
You know what it was nigga back in the day
Shout out to all the 80's babies
You know you love cocaine crack babies from 86 to 89
It's your world now nigga make 'em pay nigga
Flood the streets you little motherfucking monsters
86 crack for y'all niggers man, Back!

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