Raised Fist Bleed Under My Pen Lyrics

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So many querstion lines up in my head.
Like many others I cannot seem to understand
Why they prefer some people to be dead.
This is something that haunts me every minute in my bed.
Sleepless nights, it's tearing my mind I need to go ahead.

With the help of Christianity
And a weak touch of insanity
Not associated with democracy
In this world of hypocrisy (my dream is dead)

Temporary insane states followed in their trail.
This led to killings on an unimagainable scale.
With political speeches composed by, and for, elite men
I wish that Barbie and Ken would bleed under my pen,
Time and again, over and over again, amen.

Written by: Marco Eronen (stim), Alexander Hagman, Andreas Johansson, Mathias Modin
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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