Ultramagnetic MC’s Blast From the Past Lyrics

Funk Your Head Up Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Introduction to the Funk
  • 2 Intro
  • 3 MC Champion
  • 4 Go 4 Yourz
  • 5 Blast From the Past
  • 6 Funk Radio
  • 7 Message From the Boss
  • 8 Pluckin’ Cards
  • 9 Intermission
  • 10 Stop Jockin’ Me
  • 11 Dolly and the Rat Trap
  • 12 The Old School
  • 13 Bust the Facts
  • 14 Murder and Homicide
  • 15 You Ain’t Real
  • 16 Make It Happen
  • 17 I Like Your Style
  • 18 Bi-Lingual Teaching
  • 19 Poppa Large
  • 20 Moe Love on the 1 and 2
  • 21 Porno Star
  • 22 The P.M.R.C. ID
  • 23 Chorus Line, Part 2
  • It goes a lil sutink, like dis

    Hikory, dikory, dok
    2many girls wona suk my cock, hectics ere so count dwn da clok get bare dough
    Like jenny from da blok, wot
    Can't test we coz my crews 2 hot, whos hot whos hot, whos not
    U manz r cummin off da plot, ow much talent on da mic ave u got wot
    Coz wen im on da mic guna bus up da place gunna get da ladies shake da hips n
    Da waiste, guna get u prange guna make u wonna say grace, never wear glasses
    Never wear brace, i never walk round wid a mashed up face, hectic n breeza
    Givin u a taste, hectic n breeza pikin up da pace, so cum chalenge we 4 a
    Lyrical race

    Its da H-E-C-T-I to da C, im a lyrical dj so cum chalenge me, dus gime da mic n
    Ill spit freely n ill bust u up on the m-i-c, easy peasy, like chilin in
    Jakuzi, lyrical bombs dat i drop are like an uzi, who she? she wanna sit on my
    Knee n call me sweetie but she goes on nasty n she smell like weee

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