East West Blame Lyrics

East West Track Listing
  • 1 Prelude
  • 2 Reason
  • 3 Down
  • 4 Thru 2 U
  • 5 Blame
  • 6 She Cries
  • 7 Thorn of Rage
  • 8 Sydwinder
  • 9 Phat
  • 10 Hey June
  • 11 Everything
  • 12 Conspiracy
  • Won't you come with me
    To a place I like to hide
    To a place where I can slumber
    against the fall of this world
    Who you gonna blame
    Everywhere I go
    Gotta find someone to give the abuse
    Gotta pass off the blame, you gotta blame it on me
    Now I see your shame
    the shadows comfort you
    your guilt stricken face it tells me
    that you've been, just where I've been
    Who you gonna blame?

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