Willie Nelson Blame It on the Time Lyrics

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As you sit there in your loneliness
Confused as you must be
I'm sure a dozen questions come to mind

And if you're wondering why I left you
After all you've done for me
Guess you'll have to blame it on the times

The many times you had your way
No matter what the cost
And the many times you took for granted
Love you now have lost

And if I hurt you, darlin'
I don't mean to be unkind
Guess you'll have to blame it on the times

That small conceited world of yours
Could never understand
That to want to stand alone is not a crime

And if for one time in my life
I'm acting like a man
I guess you'll have to blame it on the times

Blame it on the many times
A hiding place I'd seek
Afraid to say what's on my mind
And ashamed for being weak

So if at last I'm seeing
After so long being blind
I suppose you'll have to blame it on the times
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