White Zombie Black Friday Lyrics

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I say when the world cracks open
And you're my last go
And the blood in your eye
Falls to the floor
And there's nowhere left for you to hide
Your endless parties then kick the die
View is from hell in a human zoo
Our lives in the streets are waiting for you
[Batter] is written across the bay
And the shadows merge into a violet face
And I ran to my window - What did I see?
I said to the man...
I said, are you really
Could you really be
Mister Joe Jesus

Aw, and all the children scream in pain
And the b***** [skin] in the devil's reign
And the burning bodies are piled high
Filled up flashes in the sky
And clouds of the smoke travel to the south
Solid scream in victim's mouth
And I ask you to your face
Are you really there
I said why
Why is the sky turning black
Aw, and I ask am I
Coming back
The electrical fading light in the city's [eyes went out of sight]
And there's no one left to let me know
How it all goes away
And it all came down when it fell

And it all came down when it fell

And the sky's gone wild
The sky got black
It all turns black on Fri-


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