Jered Sanders Black Butterfly Lyrics

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I think I like her, but neva had a love like
Like neva had a like like love
Right tight fit with the right type mug
In the right type eyes with the right type thug
I think I might wife mice like hog
When it's night night might keep the eyesight up
Cause I ain't eva lookin' if bright eyes stalkin'
Tricks and nightlife treat 'em like slug druggin'
Well, she the fliest, I know I'm being bias
But I'm pretty sure ran for thottie was in the likeness
I'm on 'er like a robot, them other broads won't talk
She makin' all the ass look bad, my Miley Cyrus
I want somebody I could call at home
She ride the hooptie and the groopie, got the mobile phone
And she be the lady willin' to unlock my heart
Cause these days it's kinda hard to just unlock my phone

Got a queen for a king, I'm supposed to do it
A lil' noob, lil' fame, we both been thru it
A lil' her, lil' me, we both be truest x2
She my (what?! what?!) black buttefly

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