Seven and the Sun Black & Blue Lyrics

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  • 1 Jump (The Velvet Rope)
  • 2 Where Do You Come From Here
  • 3 Walk With Me
  • 4 Black & Blue
  • 5 I Pray
  • 6 Back to the Innocence
  • 7 Say It's So
  • 8 Don't Ask Me Why
  • 9 Tell Me
  • 10 I Won't Look Back
  • 11 Happy in Your Misery
  • Now I can't stop the world I'm no pretender
    Everything feels cold like a gray December
    Underneath the sun we are nothing but the same
    We both try to wear a smile
    We both try to mask the pain

    I'm black & I'm blue
    I'm broken in two
    & nobody knows it like you do
    I'm falling apart
    There's a whole in my heart
    & nobody knows it like you do

    Everything's gone wrong
    And I can't change her
    She said it's all my fault
    Now and I can't blame her
    Watch the wheel of fate
    Where's the arrow going to fall?
    Is it something I can change
    Or is the writing on the wall?

    So the truth it comes to torture me
    Will our future be our history
    Is there something I can do to ease the pain
    Now my weakness has confronted me
    And your silence comes to punish me
    Will you ever find a place for me again

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