Trillville Bitch Niggaz (ft. Lil' Scrappy Lyrics

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Bitch nigazz don know me,
Bitch nigazz don know me,
Bitch nigazz don know me,
Bitch nigazz don know me,

So stay away from hoe niggaz,
So stay away from hoe niggaz,
So stay away from hoe niggaz,
So stay away from hoe niggaz,

[Dirty Mouth]

[Verse 1]
This generation im livin, its nothin but this lil' pimpin,
Im breakin niggaz like wody,
But nothin but game i been given,
Stay away from we nigazz, Who consolidating my figures,
But if you cross the roadpass
I'll give you a 10 to yo liva',
I gives a fuck about hoes,
I gives fuck about trick,
Cuz the only thing a hoe can do is to slob n' nob on my dick,
so who in the you been wit,
A snappin fishes like dis,
And put the lock on yo shit and leave you dead in a ditch,
My ammunition is lethal like danny glover I'm armed,
Wit some shit to bust yo head if yo hoes in alarm,
So back out my face before you get yo ass slung,
Wit dis AKA-47 aim'in write at yo heart.

[Chorus (Repeat x2)]


[Verse 2]
Bitch nigga you don't know me
So why in the fuck you try'n to hate,
Runnin your mouth just like some hoe,
Bitch thats the closest thing to fake,
All in my face just like its cool
But i see right through this shit,
Talkin bout dat u my folk,
No nigga you's a bitch,
Get back boy,
I'm a be gettin laid up in this bitch,
What, nigga time and time again,
I done told you better duck nigga,
Cuz if ya fake stay the fuck away cuz I don't like ya bitch,
All my niggaz no ya,
And they know that you's a stay trick,
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck up to tell ya that I ain't gon make me show ya
1,2,3,4, nigga
Mothafucka what it is,
Eye'in me bitch hoe ass nigger,
You just stepped up in some shit and you ready to dip quick,
Run mothafucka stay away from Real shit,
Bitch nigga might not like me
I don't like it either bitch
Pussy nigga get bak,
Pussy nigga get slapped,
Pussy nigga get split,
Pussy nigga get threshed,

[Chorus (Repeat x2)]

[Don Peezy]

[Verse 3]
Next time me and you
Cause I ain't never wanna meet'cha
Always talkin the bullshit
Hell no you never future
Always talkin' like a preture
But your some of your bullshit
You can meet me at the club nigga
Fuck the poolpit' nigga
Fuck the damn altar nigga
I ain't sayin salter nigga
Speakin' of me lets meet at the parkin lot with all my damn niggas
So we can go on and figure out who real and who fake
Cause I see through you like glass nigga
Ao go ahead and break
I'm not I'm the super AKA slash, slash up in your face
Talkin' that bullshit
Another garbage and i'll i push you away
Strike One, Bad Mistake
Strike Two, Bad Mistake
World Series Championship
Ain't nothin, nothin about me rich!

[Chorus (Repeat x2)]

[Lil' Scrappy]

[Verse 4]
Scrap Y'all, Scrap Y'all
Ain't that some muhfuckin' shit
Talkin' like you know me Gonna get your punk ass hit
Put that down that's weed in the air keep jumpin' in my face
Im gonna knock the dreads Out yo hair
Who that be BME you know me
Niggas tesin my clique
I'm a show ya that im a G
Yea thats the same nigga, that fuckin' your daughter
With the pimpin' out so hard they gonna call it hoe slaughter
Sayin'that I'm a bitch shorty
Who that me playa
Even bitches save me for that
I'll never date ya
Now hoes out your face
Bitches can you transelate
Talkin all that garbege I'll make ya dicipitate
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