1-800-Zombie Birthday Party Deluxe Lyrics

All She Got Was a Bloody Nose Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 Intro (Super Theme)
  • 2 Posi Anthem 2k6
  • 3 I Zoo Bob Saget
  • 4 T for Teen
  • 5 Workout Plan
  • 6 Portable Videogame System
  • 7 Octopus Ink
  • 8 LOL@Myspace
  • 9 Mad Flow
  • 10 Jewish
  • 11 We Are the Definition of Hip
  • 12 Jolt Yr Nuts
  • 13 Girls Gone Wild!
  • 14 Intrnt Tlk
  • 15 Birthday Party Deluxe
  • 16 Outro
  • and i have a bouncehouse! (oh my FUCKING god!)
    it's a party! (seriously?)
    but i'm not gonna cry (good.)
    'cause i'm not emo! (i know you aren't!)
    i'm going to poke you in the eye (please don't!)

    it's my birthday! (oh my god!)
    birthday party! (oh jesus!)
    birthday party! (oh my god!)
    birthday party. (where's my mom?)

    birthday party!
    you love it!
    they love it!
    everyone loves it!

    we're six years old
    we're.. jewish!
    hehe, G- Unit!
    we're black!
    i'm not black!
    ohh, oh.... i thought you were...

    I'm black.


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