George Jones Billy B. Bad Lyrics

Down in Texas near the DFW among the shrubs and patios and barbecues
Was born a suburban boy named Billy be Bad
Had a white bread momma and a rock and roll dad
Didn't have much soul or country roots but he sure looked cute in his cowboy suit

Bbb...Billy Billy be Bad, bbb.. Billy Billy be Bad
Bbbb... Billy Billy be Bad bbb... Billy Billy be Bad
Bbb... Billy Billy be Bad bbb... Billy Billy be Bad
He can spot a trend and he knows a pad he's a country singer named Billy be Bad

He sounds like everybody on the radio he's building up his biceps for the video
The people at the label said we like to start 'em young
We know you're twenty three but we'll say you're twenty one
They played him some Strait they played him some Jones

Now he's got that country music way down in his bones
Bbb... Billy Billy be Bad...
Watch out for your daughters he's gonna drive 'em mad
The country sex symbol called Billy be Bad

Now poor ol' Billy's at the end of the line
He's over the hill cause he's pushing twenty nine
He's not as young and he's not as handsome he just tested positive for brandson
He'll never be that hot again look for his music in the oldies bin

Bbb... Billy Billy be Bad...
What a great career he had say goodbye to Billy be Bad

Written by: Bobby Braddock
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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