Durag Dynasty Bigger U Are The Harder They Fall Lyrics

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I get my kids what they want, I ride for my fam done
And when he’s older do the same for my grandson
We don’t want, we got gats on hit bones
Leads when in known, I be stuck in my own zone
QB hit man, get tossed in quick sand
Hope you see my vision, I put together a big plan
You get it poppin, you got blockin
There’s no stopping, all that show you flockin
I’m doing good but they say I do it big
I got my shit right, I got the house and the whip
My little brother home from a 7 year big
He got his weight up, he need to fall back
And stay far from the block, shit a trap
Black mack shootouts in broad daylight
Smoking haze, getting tow up in hallways
It’s like that (like that), you know it’s like that (it’s like that)
Then I introduce yo face to a nice bag (nice bag)
And if I snap you gon wish you had yo life back

But once you had yo life crack big felony
Sick ginger and salary, go with the dough like mozzarella cheese
No second take, press the button then let em shake
Intimidate, put em on ice, don’t let em skate
Uh, makin it hard to get a play
Uh, who want his sound off just set a date
On the stage I demonstrate superior status
Axe murder rappers to death then bury the hatchet
Behind a venue, not concerned if I offend you
Today’s special, what I serve’s not on the menu
Light up the drug, wipe my feet on the rhythm blow
Yank the plug, in the booth to spit a slug
I’m under the influence of road to the riches
Follow the leader, married to the gutter with no mistress

Watch me earth this, whilin on em every time
Heavy on the grind, 500 rounds, 1000$ verse lics
The kicks in there got you stuck on stupid
This the future, the dawn of the crokin rooster
My voice in style as the choice is power
When this shit plays, the people just toast to ours
Since a youngin visualizing millions
I had the feeling that I make shit real and cop a couple buildings
Tried to touch a billion
So I’m hustling til then
Getting it in with La Familia up in the lab, brewing like a distillery
Ayo this nigga be killin shit every joint
This that type of shit you knock up in yo Chevy boy

G shit we hit
So we ain’t tryna listen to yo weak shit
This ain’t electro, this electric
Like my necklace, diamonds symmetric, raps that get respected
It’s planet Asia in yo fuckin section
Plus a session of some of the realest niggas directive

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