Hank Williams, Jr. Big Twenty Lyrics

Ballds of the Hills and Plains Track Listing
  • 1 The River
  • 2 Doc Holiday
  • 3 Cowpoke
  • 4 Blood's Thicker Than Water
  • 5 The Blizzard
  • 6 Stampede
  • 7 The Rainmaker
  • 8 Streets of Laredo
  • 9 Black Lightning
  • 10 Big Twenty
  • 11 The Eyes of Death
  • 12 I'm Afraid

  • Big Twenty
    A E A
    chorus: Move along big twenty, big twenty move along- you've got a master
    and you've got a home.
    A E A
    Move along big twenty big twenty move along- you've got the muscle
    and you've got the bone.

    E A E
    1.Went out on the Mojave with a twenty mule team, ten tons of borax and a

    muleskinner's dream.

    We'll soon be a-winin' and a-dinin' I know, with a cute little filly in the
    A E
    town of Reno.
    E A E
    2.The Apaches are restless there's smoke in the sky. But I'm too old for

    scalpin' and I'm too young to die.

    But they'll soon be around us like ants on a hill- bringin' this
    A E
    muleskinner up for the kill.

    (Here's where I can't remember much)
    E A E
    3.My mules started runnin'___-___-____-___-____

    ___-____-_____-____-____ bring big twenty down;

    But we're still a-livin' so the story can be told-
    A E
    How I traded that borax for Apache gold.

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