The Fatima Mansions Big Madness Lyrics

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In the winter in a seaside boarding house
the killer swigs and reels 'round his room
telling how he made that weeping spinster kneel
Yellow light seeps through a fly-blown lampshade
fading with the dawn
He yells and laughs, "They all wanted it.
It was easy, so how could it be wrong?"

5 AM and the seas are boiling
5 AM and the windows crack
5 AM and my hands are on you
Big madness
Big madness

When I phone you just to hear your voice
oh please, don't judge me so
It's just that I don't think I'll rise again
till I've seen how low I can go
Next springtime when I'm gone for good
and you struggle to find the words cruel enough
Through all these dying continents
my stupid laughter will be heard--CHORUS
Big madness

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