The Youth Ahead Big Ed's BBQ Lyrics

The Package Track Listing
  • 1 Simple Guy
  • 2 A Whole New View
  • 3 Big Ed's BBQ
  • 4 Last Christmas
  • the greatest restaurant in the world
    where forks are useless
    gimmie, gimmie, meaty goodness on a plate
    and keep it hot maybe with a baked potato
    come on baby let me fill your belly
    with a porky pig dipped in special marinade
    keep it coming, keep it coming
    every ten mintues or so
    till I cant stand up
    cause no one could ever make a pig
    into the greatest all you can eat ribs...only at

    Big Eds! <i>[x4]

    they'll try to fill you with the salad, but you gotta just say NO!
    it'll make less room for that
    super meaty, goodie, goodie, finger licking piggie love
    got no room for chicken
    lets build a rib tower higher then we did before
    we got plenty of wet naps
    oh so damn good that your friend wanna lick your hands
    I tell no lie cause there aint no doubt when duty calls
    that Big Ed's BBQ will crush em' all!...say it now!

    Big Ed's! <i>[x4]

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