Bow Wow Big Dreams Lyrics

Wanted Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Do You
  • 2 Big Dreams
  • 3 Let Me Hold You
  • 4 Fresh Azimiz
  • 5 Caviar
  • 6 Like You
  • 7 B.O.W.
  • 8 Go
  • 9 Do What It Do
  • 10 Is That You (P.Y.T.)
  • 11 Mo Money / Eighteen
  • Its not me exactly, that touches people
    Its what I represent
    The possibility that dreams long ago, may still come true
    Even if they look lost forever

    I had a homie named Tony, 16, 6'2
    Headed to the NBA straight from high school
    My ***** had his ball game on lock
    But at the same time he was in love wit the block
    All the stuff that came wit it, the drugs and the guns
    The gangs, the slang, and all the funds
    He just got a letter of intent from the Cavaliers
    Sayin' how they love'em and they wish he was there
    He had it made like special-ed, about to get the bread
    But chose to do somethin' dumb instead
    Go to war wit the crew on the other side of town
    And was mo ready, and Tony got laid down
    He ain't even have a chance
    Died for the ambulance even got to'em
    So many went through'em
    I hate ta tell the story but that's how it is
    Growin' up in the hood as a kid

    [Chorus: x2]
    When you got big dreams,
    Don't listen to what nobody say
    And don't let nobody turn you away
    When you got big dreams,
    Keep ya eyes on the prize don't fall to the way side

    I know a girl name Gina
    That was a hell of a singer
    And everybody fell in love wit her when they seen her
    Baby girl was on a verge of signing a big deal
    18, and life looked so-so real
    She was stuck wit a dude that was all bad news
    And all he ever did was give baby the blues
    But she was true to a *****
    Do for a *****
    Pop you and ya whole crew for a *****
    One night he came picked her up, told her lets ride
    That's the same night that he watched her die
    They was trying to hit a lick, but the lick hit back
    Put a end ta the deal, and all of that
    She ain't even have to be there, he know it wasn't right
    Now he gotta deal wit for the rest of his life
    And the part I don't like, he ain't even get grazed
    But the home girl Gina, is layin' in the grave


    I got a few relatives that give the family drama
    Always got they hand out when they see me and my momma
    One could of been a doctor, the other a chef
    But when he got his own kitchen he was cookin' something else
    Now his life in the drain
    A trifling shame
    He all washed up
    Wife took everything
    No car, no mo, no house
    And everywhere he go he stole, so they throwed him out
    I was growin' lookin' up to be like them
    Now I''m throwin' up cash, rollin' up in a Bent
    I was stuck wit a dream I had as a shortie
    I'll be damned if I let another man support me
    Now, uncle June Buck sit, skinny as hell
    He got AIDS in his body from the needles he shared
    Every time he get his welfare checks,he don't care
    If you want to see him got to the crack house, he there


    When you got big dreams [Repeat: x4]
    Keep ya eyes on the prize, don't fall tot the way side

    Written by: James Phillips, Jermaine Dupri, Shawntae Harris
    Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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