Danko Jones Big Bed Lyrics

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If your lady drives you crazy
And all your money goes back to your honey
You got a job, you work harder
But it don't matter 'cause you take her out

So you sweat her, you know better
But it don't matter 'cause you always give in
She always pulls you left to right, pulls you left to right
Pulls you left to right when you're about to begin

Please take my advice
I wanna do you right

You got a small bed, you want a bigger bed
You want the biggest fuckin' bed of them all
But she decided you get a bunk bed
And now you ain't getting no action at all

You're always hog-tied down, man
I can't treat you right you'd better believe that woman you should've known
It always pulls you inside out, pulls you inside out
Pulls you inside out, oh baby why don't you go

Please take my advice
I wanna do you right

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