Public Enemy Beyond Trayvon Lyrics

The Evil Empire of Everything Track Listing
Digital Media 1
  • 1 The Evil Empire of…
  • 2 Don’t Give Up the Fight
  • 3 1 (PEace)
  • 4 2 (resPEct)
  • 5 Beyond Trayvon
  • 6 … Everything
  • 7 31 Flavors
  • 8 Riotstarted
  • 9 Notice (Know This)
  • 10 Icebreaker
  • 11 Fame
  • 12 Broke Diva
  • 13 Say It Like It Really Is
  • [Professor Griff]
    From the pages of the cress theory, I know you hear me
    If you out there, listen up, u might feel me
    Do I, look suspicious on this track, wit the black in it
    Black hoodie, consciousness and black facts
    Young kid shot, is the cry we heard
    Like emmitt til, it was tears and our hearts fell
    No arrest warrant and no weapon found
    One eye witness, black body down
    I can hear it now, it's the same ole racist shit
    Thought he had a gun, is the same ole some bullshit
    Confessions, of a trigger happy hit man
    Murderous homicidal nature, there racist plan
    Burying our black boys, blood thirsty hungar games
    The face of race is white, they got no shame
    Stand your ground, legalize lynch law
    Touch another black kid you have to touch us all

    Its time to stand up and just fight for what you believe in
    I don't call it violence I just call it self defense, call it black intelligence braw to you by the people
    You just in it to get it, I am in it to make a change, in it to change the game, in it to rearrange, modern day lynching

    All that leave us is pain, knowledge is power, all I give you is with brains, you see its money power respect, all seems the same.

    Get fear looks
    But I live round here
    My house right next to yours
    But I still get stares
    In a
    World of wrongness
    And fights for the strongest
    What's the innocent to do
    When the fight gets brought kid
    No way your that scared of my hoodie
    People everywhere getting snared over hoodies
    Seen a couple pairs get aired by the hoodies
    They don't care
    My skin's bared under hoodies

    [Jamal Malik aka Young Junior]
    This world is so chaotic
    all I witness is violence
    Watching my brothers die and their sons grow with no guidance
    Truth's what I'm providing
    to all those who've been blinded
    Being sold this equality bullshit I ain't buying
    I'm so sick and tired of being profiled and instantly
    Watched close suspiciously because of my ethnicity
    So stereotypical its despicable
    And every black male in a hoodie isn't a criminal

    [Goonie B]
    This is everyday life where I'm from it goes on but I swear it can not go beyond trevon because I'm wearing a hoodie I gotta get shot or stopped by the cops its not just in flordia its out in farrock people really expect us to act civil right we got a black president and still fighting for civil rights we need to come togeather and unite because its time to fight the power so put your fists up in the sky

    [Chuck D]
    Freed the ass
    Mind followed
    With raps that killed tomorrow
    Cant support it
    Fought it
    But somebody bought it
    Community caught it
    But the government taught it
    And all you heard
    Violence hard drugs sex and murder
    Songs never hated artists who
    Keep making em
    Strong against the wrong
    Whats been created
    But look
    Many neighborhoods still devestated
    I say it
    Flows overrated
    Shows underrated
    I hate it
    When its degrated and downgraded
    Spittin copywritten
    To music
    Some of yall grew up to use it
    People don't dance to it and just abuse it
    Yall say that
    When I say this
    Injustice still goes on
    Beyond trayvon
    Thank you nme sun
    For this word to the young
    You the future
    Save our daughters and sons

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