Bobbie Gentry Beverly Lyrics

Patchwork Track Listing
12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Benjamin
  • 2 Marigolds and Tangerines
  • 3 Billy the Kid
  • 4 Beverly
  • 5 Miss Clara/Azusa Sue
  • 6 But I Can’t Get Back
  • 7 Jeremiah
  • 8 Belinda
  • 9 Mean Stepmama Blues
  • 10 Your Number One Fan
  • 11 Somebody Like Me¨
  • 12 Lookin’ In
  • Beverly packs her lunch pail silently
    In the light of the dawn's gray gloom
    In her lonely room

    Beverly works all day at the factory
    On her feet from five to nine
    On the assembly line

    Beverly drifts away into a reverie
    Dreaming of the girl she used to be
    When her heart was alive

    And there were nights
    When Beverly would go out dancing
    The stars lit up the Latin sky
    Her eyes would flash, her feet would fly
    Across the ballroom floor

    En una linda noche nosotros bailamos
    Dancamos hasta no ver mas las estrellas
    Un gran amor - esto fue el pasado

    Beverly goes about her way so quietly
    And though she cries a little bit
    No one seems to notice it

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