Aloha Between the Walls Lyrics

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I am back from ten
Days between the walls again
My head is all but empty
And light is coming in
I have followed every clue
The end is coming soon
We need to leave the house
Time to make more room

You have no words to say
And I know you're trying to save yourself
The pain of running out one day
You'll run out one day

Are we dying as in dead or are we being born again?

Counting back from ten
I crawl into the wall again
My head tires of hiding
and water's getting in
And I have run down every lead
Through every field and many streets
We need to leave it be

One by one
The days get done
Run 'round the sun
With or without us

One by one
The days get done
Regardless of
What happens to us between the walls

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