Tank Better Than Me Lyrics

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Congratulations on the ring,
Got you a doctor who can afford the finer things,
I always said, you're settling for less than what you deserve,
We had some happy times, but I caused you so much hurt,

I hope he treats you better, better than me, better than me,
You deserve a knight in shining armor, a man of honor and a man better than me
Better than me, oh better than me

I tried, oh I tried, but the playa in me just wouldn't die
I'll never find another, friend or lover, need you, but you don't need to suffer
I should of thought when I was doing wrong, I'd miss you when you're gone


Hope he helps heal the scars from your broken heart
I hope he's man enough to promise you, till death do you part
Hope he takes the time, breaks the line before I did realize who you are

[Chorus: x2]

Better than me, so much better than me
Better than me, oh better than me

Written by: Durrell Babbs, Eric Lee N Hudson, Kristina N Stephens
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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