Stephen Lynch Best Friends Song Lyrics

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Mark: I like my toast buttered
Stephen: and I'll take mine dry

Mark: I dig the Beatles
Stephen: I'm a Stones kinda guy

Mark: I have fine taste
Stephen: and I like things cheap

Mark: I wanna stay up all night
Stephen:I just wanna sleep, with your sister

Mark: What did you just say?
Stephen: What?

Mark: You just said something
Stephen: Nah I want to sleep- here we go.

Mark: I like the sunshine
Stephen: and I wanna nail your sister

Mark:See you just did it again, see... I like Julia Roberts movies
Stephen: I just wanna F the S out of your sister
Mark: Alright this isn't

Stephen: And mark, you would rule,
Mark: No

Stephen: If you'd say "it's cool"
Mak: It's not cool
Stephen: I'd go pick her up, at her junior high school
Mark: What?
Stephen: yeah your sister

Mark: THAT sister?
Mark: I Thought you were talking about my old sister!

Stephen I wanna F your sister
Mark: No you will not F my sister
wanna F her in the A
Mark: No I don't know what your talking about

Stephen: Then I'll C all over her chin, and I'll stick my F in her V
Mark: Stop using letters!

Stepen: And I'll move it around and I'll stick it in her A-hole, it'll be great...Yeah, I'll nail her. I wanna F YOUR SISTER!

Mark: I'm serious, Stop it!
Stephen: What?
Mark:I just want to make one thing very clear! I do NOT like Julia Roberts movies!
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