Karyn White Beside You Lyrics

Ritual of Love Track Listing
  • 1 Romantic
  • 2 Ritual of Love
  • 3 The Way I Feel About You
  • 4 Hooked On You
  • 5 Walkin' the Dog
  • 6 Love That's Mine
  • 7 How I Want You
  • 8 One Heart
  • 9 Tears of Joy
  • 10 Beside You
  • 11 Do Unto Me
  • 12 Hard to Say Goodbye
  • Like a star in the sky
    That shines so bright
    You guide me, I'm content to be beside you
    Yet I'm free as a bird
    That can fly so high
    You guide me, I'm content to be beside you

    Not in front or behind you
    But beside to remind you
    That we both need one another oh yeah

    Just to lean and depend on
    For to cry and rely on totally
    Beside you is where I will be

    Through the storm of your life
    Some will love you and cast you aside
    But not me, I'm content to be
    Beside you

    Everyday and every way
    For you, baby you, you you
    Just for one minute, for one hour
    Baby can't you see
    I will always be beside you

    Written by: Tony Ray Haynes, Gary Dennis Hines, Karyn L White
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group

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