Battlelore Beneath the Waves Lyrics

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Under the storm, shone the noble colours
Lords of the oceans, from the Western shores
The Golden King, in eternal valour
"Master the seas", in their blood forever
Port city, once healthy and fair
Set in doom by cancer and plague
Leeches and black water
The original sins, curse of Man
Forbidden course, drowning their stand
We have to go and seek the truth
Falling tears of my delirium
It is not a dream, the glorios land
In a palm of my hand
Unlearn the madness, forget the sea
It is just a dream, beneath the waves
Furious swells, tore the soil apart
The broken ban, wrath of the Gods
Quakes and fire, crumble the realm
The false kingdom, under the sea
You have been betrayed - Led astray
Guided to leave - You sail away
By your own greed, beneath the waves

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