End of Green Believe... Lyrics

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I have a dream so deep and so real
I have a dream of you and of me
I have sined and i have failed
many tears of crying
Many ways of dying
I have to believe in...

All that she said
believe in your way
everyday i dream of you

everyday i believe in you

Have you ever asked me what i feel...

Have you ever asked what i am.....
Believe... My Friend Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Civ
  • 2 Eternity
  • 3 Noise Breath
  • 4 My Friend
  • 5 Fallen Angel
  • 6 My Way
  • 7 I'm Waiting
  • 8 Downfall
  • 9 Weak
  • 10 Believe...
  • 11 I Don't
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