Dave Barnes Believe Lyrics

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It's true what they say the devil's alive and well.
Picked the locks and escaped the gates of hell.
It's evidence for all you feel right now.
If I could beg I'd beg that you'd somehow

Believe, believe

Chances are four will turn to three
That's one less than this was meant to be.
A wounded heart's a sucker for affairs
I'm healing now and I hope you somehow stay

Believe, Believe, Believe

It took forever to love and then
Its broken your heart like porcelain
There's hope in this
That you will surely see
If you only

Believe, Believe, Believe

Its true what they say
The devil's alive and well.
But there's something else
Working here as well
Something else working here as well

Written by: Dave Barnes
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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