Kimya Dawson Being Cool Lyrics

My Cute Fiend Sweet Princess Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Chemistry
  • 2 Velvet Rabbit
  • 3 Hadlock Padlock
  • 4 Being Cool
  • 5 Anthrax
  • 6 The Beer
  • 7 Will You Be Me?
  • 8 Everything‚Äôs Alright
  • 9 For Katie
  • Is new york city really like a graveyard they all ask me
    And i say well it was last week but man that was in the past
    See i stopped going to the places where the people act so nasty
    And pretentious 'cause i'm happy sitting with my friends in sidewalk singing songs

    And some people are still standing in the way of where i'm going
    So i say please excuse me, step aside, or keep on moving
    And i guess they sensed that my momentum meant that i was winning
    But i'm only just beginning and i'd rather go with friends than go alone

    And some people grab my hands and some people grab my shirt
    Some people race ahead to see if they can get there first
    Some people stay behind 'cause they've got something else in mind
    Whatever you decide if you are true to you you're gonna be alright

    Like akida he's a father now he is in love with amber
    Their baby's name is skyler he's a baby of the summer
    I wonder as i wander if i'll ever settle down
    Or if every day i'll take my roots uprooted en route to another town

    I was sitting on a couch somewhere watching vh-1
    When i found out that bruce springsteen is his mother's only son
    I'm my mother's only daughter and we were both born to run
    Even he says it's amazing raising babies in the place where you come from

    But i am a rock tumbler i've got rocks inside my head
    And just because they come out shining doesn't mean that they are diamonds
    And i guess that my worst nightmare is your very favorite bar
    When i'm worth my weight in shale and slate i'll know that i'm a super duper star

    I'll be a great big ball of burning gas and i'll be sitting on my big fat ass
    Sipping cristal light beside a plastic wading pool
    And the next day i'll be somewhere else part of me will hate myself
    Part of me will know deep down that i am pretty cool
    The part of me that knows i never cared for being cool
    The part of me that knows i never cared for being cool
    The part of me that knows i never cared for being cool

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