Amebix Beginning of the End Lyrics

What will you do when your property's gone?
When the finger on the trigger's your one and only son?
When the money in your pocket cannot buy even bread?
The city has crumbled, the people have been bled

Looks like the beginning of the end

The machine has grown to crush the world, the walls are getting higher
The youth will be the first to throw themselves upon the pyre
The reason for living seems so fruitless in the aftermath
When we've finally walked to the end of the path

The time is near at hand, a fact you must accept
Time stands still for no man, not even for the rich
So sorry we're so humourless, it's just the way we are
You laugh, but I don't get the joke, we walk but don't get far

Maybe there is hope in the dawning of the day
When no rules define survival, when the earth starts to decay
It's you who face the holocaust, it's you who cast the vote
The sad part of your future is it lacks an antidote


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