Madcon Beggin' Lyrics

So Dark the Con of Man Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Beggin'
  • 2 Back on the Road
  • 3 Hard to Read
  • 4 Life's Too Short
  • 5 The Way We Do Thangs
  • 6 Blessed
  • 7 Süda Süda
  • 8 Let It Be Known
  • 9 Let's Dance Instead
  • 10 Dandelion
  • 11 Pride & Prejudice
  • 12 Me & My Brother
  • 13 Loose
  • Oh
    Put your loving hand out, baby
    I'm beggin'

    Beggin', beggin' you
    Put your loving hand out baby
    Beggin', beggin' you
    Put your loving hand out darling

    Riding high, when I was king
    Played it hard and fast, cause I had everything
    Walked away, won me then
    But easy come and easy go
    And it would end

    So why anytime I bleed, you let me go
    Anytime I feed you get me know
    Anytime I see you let me know
    But, I plan and see just let me go

    I`m on my knees when I'm (beggin'g)
    Cause I don't want to lose (you)
    I got my arms on spread
    And I hope that my heart gets fed, matter of fact girl I'm beggin'


    I need you, (yeah) to understand
    Tried so hard
    To be your man
    The kind of man you want in the end
    Only then can I begin to live again

    An empty shell
    I used to be
    Shadow of my life
    Was hangin' over me

    A broken man
    That I don't know
    Won't even stand the devils dance
    To win my soul

    Why we chewing, why we chasing
    Why the bottom, why the basement
    Why we got good **** don't embrace it
    Why the feel for the need to replace me
    Your the wrong way track from the good
    I want to paint in a picture telling where we could be at
    Like a heart in the best way should
    You can give it the away, you had it and you took the pay
    But I keep walking on, keep opening doors
    Keep hoping for that the door is yours
    Keep also home, cause I don't want to live in a broken home, girl I am beggin'


    I'm fighting hard
    To hold my own
    Just can't make it
    All alone (all alone)

    I'm holding on
    I can't fall back
    I'm just a calm
    'Bout to fade to black

    And I can't come home
    You call and I can't come home
    You call you can't come home
    You call and I can't come home
    You call [Echoes out]

    [Chorus: x2]

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