Unlord Begehm Ir Mista Begehm Lyrics

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Know how to dominate, the force to terminate,
the live of thousands are in my hands
I see betrayal, but do I care, no I don't care 'cause I'm not there
Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing, do nothing,
so are you and you always will
Follow the leader, the leader I am, from Hell I'm sent, I came to kill
Begehm ir mista begehm, begehm ir mista begehm,
begehm ir mista begehm, begehm ir mista begehm
Don't come and tell me, that you never knew, you saw it coming
but what did you do,
Following orders and who disagreed, was simply outtaken
and put on his knees
A life is not a hard time to spend, but don't blame me
but the one who has sent You to see me
for I'm the judge, and on my anvil your head is crushed
Begehm ir mista begehm

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