Lil' Scrappy Been a Boss Lyrics

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My phone is tappped and so is my living room
We can't hide the money here
We need a bigger room

My phone is tappped and so is my living room
We can't hide the money here
We need a bigger room

[Chorus: x2]
My phone is tapped and so is my living room
We can't hide the money here
We need a bigger room
**** the feds let em be mad
I been the boss ************
I'm suppose to brag

When I was small I seen mama in the freezer with a ice cream jug
Worth more than the visa she used to hide the money in the ceiling
Having stacks on deck now that's a mighty good
Feelin' **** the days I'm gettin' paid by da hour
Been in the wood to long for da **** to go sour
When da feign come i'm a give em what da want
The definition of customize now put that in yo trunk
If I ain't got g's i'm a get it from the streets leavin'
A.v.e's offa zone 3 on da corner wit da g's
That's how its gon be my whole family in hood
Surrounders gotta eat gotta dough connect
That charge me end of the bred and my studio
Engineerin' cut da chop from da stack my pockets is fat
And my daughters is too
Just think of all the thousands of dollars we run through

[Chorus: x2]

I'm goin' ten a key da feds tried to injure me a ***** told scrappy
And he told me dat they into me know I drank Remy
They kno' I rid 23's kno I let my screen fall
When I be in dc think cause I'm on b.e.t
That I ain't neva' seen a key I was sellin' break down back
When dey made lean on me now I got dat bling on me 12 carat ring
On me yellow black charger dats my waffle house machinery feds
Come and see dem clips like da diamonds in my ear hate
Cause I pop Christal open just like you pop a beer
Straight drop vodka here choppa' here hoppa here gator guts
Ain't in the insent but I bet dat ostrich is
Show you how to prosper quick flip a brick flip it
Quick stick a move we ain't got no time for dat silly **** dro'

[Chorus: x2]

I been a made man say da word and you'll get touched up
Keep talkin' **** ***** ill have yo whole click hushed up
See me split a guard that's probably bubble crish crushed up
I'm a pinp i'm a gangsta first and foremost i'm a hustler see hagon
All about his money y'all don't get it do ya tell me what ya need
And I got people that can give it to ya I wasn't really hand to hand
I was more a trafficka get cha cush from Cali or some diamonds
From Africa you akin new good but I been grindin fa a minute
Now you can get it wit me but i'm a get it any how bo scrap
And dro out here tryin' to get dis money now deez otha *****s
Out here ackin' scary like dey in a haunted house jus' kee' playin' wit it
But it ain't a game ain't a thang grab da thang and send da fellas brains
Like em dana dan dro be watchi lean on me and I be watchin' purple rain
Scrap lets count dis hundred keg go and pop some purple thangs

[Chorus: x2]
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