Tech N9ne feat. Lebowski , The Weapon & Big Scoob Beat You Up Lyrics

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[Intro: Tech N9ne]
Niggas mad at us when we come to they town 'n they bitches be on our dick
Nigga, don't come to us talkin' about that bullshit, nigga, over a bitch
Nigga, I fuck-, nigga, I beat you up, you bitch-ass nigga, for real
Three niggas on this track, Tech N9ne, nigga
Lebowski, nigga, from Tacoma, Washington
And the motherfuckin' Weapon from Kansas City, Missouri, nigga
Young niggas representin' for Strange Music
All day, all night, you pussy-ass niggas

[Hook x2: Tech N9ne]
When it's drama in the air (Imma beat you up)
You don't fuck with me, I don't care (Imma beat you up)
Anytime or anywhere (Imma beat you up, Imma beat you up, Imma beat you up)

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
This is anger
This is to anybody who say somethin' derogatory about a stranger
Meanin' Strange Music, or connected
It's best that you just exit when your neck gets requested to get slit
Niggas be hidin' behind their MySpace
Irate, but get all buddy-buddy in my face
I hate, envious motherfuckers better migrate
Off into somethin' other than my state
If you was better than us, gettin' more cheddar than us
You would be measurin' up, you niggas ain't clever enough
All of you bitchin' because you wishin' you was in our position
Fuck you niggas, anybody, bro, we make the decision
Strange Music, Trav and Tech, havin' threats
From cyberthug-niggas yappin', shit ain't happened yet
Cause you fags in check, what do we need to be cashin' next?
That'll be your soul, motherfucka, cause yo' ass is deaf

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Lebowski]
This is hatred, and it goes to the next
Person who say Strange Music ain't a team full of patriots
Now watch how Strange do it, huffin' and puffin' and
Get you stuffed in the back of the trunk when I'm off the strange fluid
This goes to those who tip-toe and walk with a twitched nose
(Keep spittin' your bitch flows)
You mad cause our shit goes, we comin', you switch rows
Either stay up out of my hair or beware when my fist close
When my strength is endorsed, the force is enforced
And of course you'll be squirtin' the sauce, a burst in your torso
Therefo', I don't think you want it with us
Fuckin' around with my circle means you wanna get touched
Cause I been goin' through stuff and enough is enough
The intensity of my rage keeps on risin' up
On the mic or on the stage, I'mma eat you up
When caught standin' in my soil, I'mma beat you up

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 3: The Weapon]
* * * nigga when I'm off on the dance floor
Get * through your mouth just for wavin' your hands, bro
Thirty niggas deep, we a squad full of g's
The shit-starter, shit get funky, you can call me Febreze
Yeah, Weapon, motherfucka, I can bond with Strange Music
Nigga, I'm a veteran, put drink in a strange fluid
Silly little nigga with a criminal mind state
I smuggle in some chops, it's used to raise the crime rate
When shit kick off, you run fast like a cheetah
Choke him out with my wallet chain 'till he havin' a seizure
Yeah, Grey Goose bottle, plus that bitch on yo' forehead
Your bitch with you? Mine too, let's battle * * *
My homies is mo' dead, I stumped * * too
Shake a nigga comfortable, * * * *
Jeweled up, flamed up, like the boy Messy
Leave your face smashed in like a bottle of Pepsi

[Hook] (x2)

[Verse 4: Big Scoob]
Another entry from the big fella
My situation got me shakin' back at it since they snatched Yella
So it's time to resurrect a sleepin' giant, you dig?
All you pussy niggas in the game know what this is
This the takeover, big fella come to state his claim
Spark them heaters, spreadin' *, y'all remember, man
Real spit from a ville nigga with real hits
Real shit, man, I'm as real as real gets
From knuckle bustin', nigga, to let loose of the whole clip
Ain't no slackin', get it crackin', man, that's off the flip
And I got thunders on my word, man, they bring the harm
That's my youngins, I feed birds, man, they love the storm
Gutter fury, I'm Missouri like a fuckin' swarm
Killer City, hella pretty, pussies, you've been warned
And ain't no stoppin' this machine once you've turned it on
I'm tryin' to told you how I mean it through this fuckin' song

[Hook] (x2)

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