Pressure 4-5 Beat the World Lyrics

Burning the Process Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 These Hands
  • 2 Beat the World
  • 3 Melt Me Down
  • 4 Enough
  • 5 Dehydration
  • 6 Stares
  • 7 Pieces
  • 8 New Wave
  • 9 Even Worse
  • 10 Proven
  • 11 Into Yesterday
  • Try to use a better piece of your mind
    But you're inside out
    And the whole world's there to see you
    Does it make you want to think
    About the tragic things in this life

    If you want to cry
    It's hard to deny
    That it makes me want to die
    For the madness thats in this world
    If you want to die
    Well its over now

    If you want to beat the world
    It might reach up and pull you down
    If you want to find the way
    The door is locked, the key is rusted

    So break away from all these chains that bind you
    Cut you at the wrists
    Or does it make more sense to just go
    And make the scar yourself

    Cause you like to see it bleeding
    And you like the color red
    But you've seen the light
    Through the hate and all the lies
    And the madness that's in this world
    If you want to die
    Then it's over now


    Too rusted... to find a way [Repeat: x 2]
    I gotta find


    Written by: Adam Jeffery Rich, Jake W Fowler, Joseph Schmidt, Lyle Patrick Mc Keany, Mark D Barry
    Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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