Pain Beanbag Lyrics

Full Speed Ahead Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Juice
  • 2 Right On
  • 3 Full Speed Ahead
  • 4 Upright
  • 5 Codcake
  • 6 Who Took Botu's Picture?
  • 7 Futz Said Julie
  • 8 Goggins
  • 9 The White Recluse
  • 10 Jonathan Fallow
  • 11 Cap'n Scrub
  • 12 Excalibur
  • 13 Beanbag
  • 14 Ukulele
  • Shoes & socks protect soles from rocks
    And thick coats defend your skin & hide you.
    What to do when there?s holes in you?
    You're a beanbag with no beans inside you.
    Bored, thin, low, on, beans, beans
    He tore his seams on his broken dreams.
    Now he lies around too flat to serve.
    He drags his feet. He feels incomplete.
    And bad dogs grind down his last good nerve.
    He's bored, thin, low, on, beans,
    And he would have stayed that way, too,
    With no way to turn back the tide.
    Ostensibly not so bad, but in need of a spark inside.
    But another came along
    And though it's difficult to explain,
    She poured herself into him like rain.
    For every raindrop, there was a bean.
    For every stay outside, there was a bean.
    An electric nest of worker bees
    Boiling under his skin.
    They pop like bombs in a Tupperware bowl
    And are multiplied each by ten.
    Swelling his quiddity up until
    He feels like his old beanbag self again
    Beans Lyrics © OBO APRA/AMCOS

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