Quarashi Beam Me Up Lyrics

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I'm gonna do what the ... do. You'll have to walk around it if you're cool. I look the best, I suffered years no fear. I'm watching winners, it bears the fucking truth. I restuffed the cannon through the sticks of kicks. If you can't see then your hats too thick. I'll scurdle up your brain, I'm fucking insane. I'll do you like that 'cause it's so fucking played. I'm rebuilt to get the fuck away, fuck yeah! I live a good life, I don't have to be dead. I'm on my way up, I'm on my way down. I do you like that 'cause the time is so rare. I have to leave soon a witness of the doomed. Do you want to take it on lived your full? I have to leave soon, this is no joke. And if you think so, well you'd better go home.

[chorus x8]
Funk of the time.
Funk of the time, ya'll.

Like a wolf got off his belly got up from my bed. A rat threw some braces so my face turned red. But that's not a sign to others in the morning. They'll wash you again so go on with your stupidness. If you want to be the best, you will beat the rest or on the way up there's a lot of tests. Are you gonna make it? or are you gonna fake it? and if you do that you will be the less. What is going on if what I don't know. This game has been fucked up and never been shown. You better click no or come straight bridged or watch where you step before you dump your beer. When people call we'll be happily free. But, you will be living, starting past where we can see. Yeah! You better stunt your own about your style of field. What is drinking? I hope it's not drinking fear see.

[chorus x8]
Funk of the time.
Funk of the time, ya'll.

I got to throw it on the weak microphone, I spent my time. But, when my name is going on until the day and of the den and now I didn't. I know I started cussing on the tube and where I see I didn't and that was only cause I've got the fucking hit. In case you've never sent and yes you know me. I'm always on the move 'cause I'm always on the groove. I'm making people step into the soothe 'cause it's stuck. The whole situation's this...

[chorus] x16]
Funk of the time.
Funk of the time, ya'll.
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