The Appleseed Cast Beach Gray Lyrics

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i struck up the shore. out tonight. you were at the door. i fell. i was trying to get away. but you were there. i walked down the street. trying to. find a place to be alone. i could go. then comes afraid alone. but you were there. i went down the road. to find a friend. he said you said. that i was gone. i went home to stay. and you were there
Lost Songs Track Listing
  • 1 E to W
  • 2 Perils, Parts 1, 2 and 3
  • 3 Novice
  • 4 Facing North
  • 5 Take
  • 6 State N W / K
  • 7 House on a Hill
  • 8 Beach Gray
  • 9 Novice Ambient Cannibalization
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