Brian McFadden Be True to Your Woman Lyrics

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I was talking last night
To a friend who was thinking he might
Risk it all for a moment of lust
And adventure, so I told him

You can live everyday like your last
Pay the price and the moment will pass
It's too late and there's no second chance
If it's over, you got nothing

Well, I've been there
The grass was just fine on this side
Because I've been there
There's no getting back on that ride

There's no replacing the love you got
You don't have to lose, to see what you've lost
Well, just be true to your woman

No good living the lie
When it's over, the secret won't die
She'll move on to another guy
She won't love you like your wife

And I've been there
I don't recommend the pain
Because I've been there
Trust me as your friend, there's nothing to gain


Many years, working hard, everyone gets tempted
By something they never knew, never had
The fantasy overtakes, over-rides, everything
And you'll get lost in a hollow world

All those years, they are worth the lot
You only realize when they've gone
Then just be true


Written by: Brian Mcfadden, Guy Chambers
Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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