Nappy Roots feat. Je'Kob Washington Be Alright Lyrics

The Pursuit of Nappyness Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Welcome to the Show
  • 2 Do It Big
  • 3 Fishbowl
  • 4 Be Alright
  • 5 Infield
  • 6 How I Do
  • 7 The People
  • 8 Ride
  • 9 Live & Die
  • 10 Back Home
  • 11 Know Bout Me
  • 12 Right Place, Right Time
  • 13 Winner Take All
  • 14 Paint a Picture
  • 15 P.O.N. (Pursuit of Nappyness)
  • 16 All 4 You
  • Imma be alright
    Imma be okay
    Long as I got you
    I got a brighter day
    Imma be alright
    Imma be okay
    Long as I got you
    We gon’ find a way…aye, aye, ayyyeee!

    [Buffalo Stille]
    I’m filled with mirth and I’m smilin’
    Find me in a church on Mount Zion
    I used to think I was cursed like “The Shinin’”
    A lot of folks is worse off than I am
    I’m truly blessed no denyin’
    They say do your best, and I’m tryin’
    But sometimes your best just ain’t good enough
    You get yourself in a mess, but things lookin’ up
    So before they break us,
    We’re gonna make it like 40 acres
    People do anything for this paper
    Get a shape up with a sporty taper
    Just so you can look fresher than your next door neighbor
    Make yourself seem major and impress some stranger
    Found Christ and now I got a new lease on life
    You can hate all ya want…IMMA BE ALRIGHT


    [Fish Scales]

    Me and you step out
    The whole hood with us baby
    Ain’t nobody left out
    Ain’t nobody ?????
    Cuz they know we here to help out
    Ballin’ in the spots where our grandparents ??????
    Man it’s a new day, listen to the kids
    Let ‘em know it’s them we care ‘bout
    When I hit the dance floor, tell ‘em take the snare out
    Turn the bass up and start a soul train line
    It’s a Nappy Roots record, let the whole thing ride
    Still can’t believe how the soul train died
    We gon’ bring it back like it’s “Coltrane Live”
    It’s all in a moment’s notice, ain’t lyin’
    Granny got tears in her eyes, but she ain’t cryin’
    It must be the joy that she feel when I rhyme
    At least I’m on TV for somethin’ other than crime
    If haters gon’ hate me for that then ?????
    Cuz God say I’m cool with him, I’m busy tryin’


    [Skinny DeVille]

    Yo, and we gon’ make it through these hard times
    Life has a way of gettin’ good when you keep tryin’
    Never givin’ up with you think you fallin’ behind
    Always on your way up sometimes you have to remind
    Ourself to keep it movin’ fast forward, never rewind
    Do what ya gotta in the process, try to be kind
    Try to keep it positive and things will start to rebound
    And sooner than you know it opportunity will peek out
    Get yourself together, keep it cool and never freak out
    Take it one day then the next and haters keep out
    Your business cuz they’ll try to stop your motivation, bring down
    Your spirits and your chances for success at the same time
    But not for long, after rain there comes the sunshine
    Take it as a blessin’, it can only happen one time
    In ya life, and if it never happens twice take advantage of the day
    Cuz in the end…


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