Swollen Members BAX WAR Lyrics

Beautiful Death Machine Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Inception / Darker Side (interlude)
  • 2 Death to You
  • 3 BAX WAR
  • 4 King of Diamonds / Disagree (interlude)
  • 5 Juggernaut
  • 6 The Difference / Watts60 (interlude)
  • 7 River Monster / Underground (interlude)
  • 8 Mercenary
  • 9 Colossal Beats
  • 10 Almost Famous
  • 11 Death Warrant
  • 12 Fear
  • [Verse 1: Mad Child]
    They tried to spread like a disease, I'm here to vaccinate
    I chop you into bunch of pieces with an axe's blade
    Motherfucka, I'm an asshole
    I got a cracked soul, fallin' in a black hole
    I was homeless, used to sleep on fuckin' cardboard
    Now I jump around the planet like it's parkour
    Next tattoo on my body should say "Hard Luck"
    Feel like I'm starin' out a window that is barred up
    And motherfucka, I am hard up
    Talk your fuckin' ear off like a Christian in a Starbucks
    Mad Child stay fierce, I am very vicious
    I'm the leader of the cult without the Hare Krishna's
    Small dude, every thing I do is gigantic
    I got the world in my hand, this is my planet
    They say it can't be done, I'm like, "Why can't it?"
    I'm the next Tech N9ne (Tech N9ne!), you're the Titanic
    I'm from the BAX WAR fam, black metal, ma
    I'm a rapper, I refuse to fuckin' get a job
    Makin' somethin' out of nothin' like the Mafia
    These rappers couldn't see me wearin' glasses with binoculars

    [Hook: Prevail (x2)]
    This is definitive fear unlimited, living inside of a rap war
    So backup and get backed up and then smacked up, BAX WAR!
    Inconsiderate idiots living inside of a city of rap war
    Call backup and get chapped up, attack mode, BAX WAR!

    [Verse 2: Prevail]
    I consume power and those who least expect it
    The prisoners doom, make room for the new record
    True wreckin' ball, speech patterns takin' buildings down
    Two emcees, one producer, sure to make your feelings drown
    Underwater slaughter, no oxygen in right lung
    Lost inside a time void, accosted when the night comes
    Never fight the drums, they're bangin' out the speaker box
    Colder than a solstice, hotter than a equinox
    Fails four seasons, orchestrated like Vivaldi
    I demonstrate and concentrate the strength of Swollen Army
    So many heavy hitters, deadly spitters, rap assassins
    Waitin' to attack until it's divvied up in rations
    Cause that's when the stats'll stop dumpin' in abundance
    We smash out them dagger mouths that battle my circumference
    The circle grows stronger, much better when we're unified
    War money, your money, you're bloody, do or die

    [Hook (x2)]

    [Verse 3: Mad Child]
    I'm the misguided angel from the BAX WAR
    You're a crack whore by the back door
    I'm gettin' old, dinosaur, I'm a raptor
    I'm the little white Hulk, he's the black Thor
    I bury the past with various tasks
    And carry an axe, reflection is as scary is mass
    My cherry is passed, still I bleed external torment
    My group is flyin' while you're crying, lying dormant
    I'm the leader of a cult, but we're not the Mormons
    But I walk on water like a fuckin' long shore man
    I still got poison in my veins
    Paint our faces up like skulls, yeah, my boys are fuckin' strange
    Mad Child, I stay colossal in the Colosseum
    That's cause I'm awesome, you're a fossil in a small museum
    I'm Colossus, made of steel, super human strength
    My partner juggernaut, you fuckers ain't gon' leave a dent

    [Hook (x2)]

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