Gazette Bath Room (English Version) Lyrics

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Why can't I sleep? I was fascinated by the silence.
It is empty to talk to myself in a damp room again.
Why can't I sleep? Because I saw you.
You look down at the wet floor. Leaning the head while sleeping.

Faced with reality I did't want to know
I adoringly looked at you without saying anything and even forgetting to blink.

I want to fall asleep, just feeling the fear of awaking.
I want to forget everything. It is selfish nonsense.
I call your name. I go mad with the silence.
I shouted while holding your thin shoulder. It was too frail with warmth.
I was fascinated by the uninteresting reality.
I found out that it even was meaningless that I had been
Borne not to cry.

The voice at my back kept on.
The reason was not important.
Only you look so sad in front of me.
I hate myself so much because I couldn't do anything for you.

I tell to you, who gave me my name. Can you be beside
Me as it is.
Yeh, for me you are the first and last "mother."

I softly lined you with deep red color on the white wall.
I came close, the still warm cheek. I just smiled calmly.
A big teardrop was filled with you. And I felt we could became
The time when the eyelids close and the warmth is gone. I am beside you.

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