Game Basic Bitch Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
All you b____es is Nicki Minaj, son
So get her a trash bag so she can pick up a one
She bend down, I see her tracks
I make it rain, she throw it back
And all this money keep me in p____, no cat
Stacks, but I got racks on racks on racks
Poof side at the W, take a puff and relax
This that millionaire lifestyle, automated ice style
Order more spades then, hit her with that lifestyle
But these fake hoes won't leave me alone
Fake bag, fake a__, and she beggin' for patron
My credit making good, my credit need a loan
And them heels you got on, pound sign

Basic b____
I gotta b____ with me, she gotta b____ with her
And I ain't talkin' bout no basic b____
Beyoncé, laced front on
Who you trying to front on, and stunt on?
Basic b____, she gotta fake Louie
Fake loobies, fake booty
So she a basic b____
At the club all weekend, she trying to get rich
But all I got is this d___ for a basic b____

[Verse 2]
So knock it off with your knock-off
You give head, then a n____ ride with his top off
You the type I'd knock off, forget I ever met you
Block you on Twitter, never BBM or text you
Lookin' for the next you, I just wanted to s__ you
Hit you on the D-Low, I'm Cee-Lo, F You
Cause everytime I'm up in the club looking for hoes
Everything look good off a couple bottles of rose
Downloading your swag, Starting off with your toes
And paintin' a mental picture of you without all your clothes
Have you ever f___ed a millionaire in the back of a Rolls rose?
With Amber Rose? I ain't talking 'bout no


[Verse 3]
I can tell by your avatar, you never had caviar
Your friends can't go, you can't go, you don't have a car
But that weave hanging down to your a__
b____ ain't from Dallas, but she routing for the Mav's
You a bandwagon ho fo sho'
You up in every video takin' off your clothes
I thought I told you that you wouldn't get far
Melyssa Ford gets, (?) child's mad at how Honda Accord is
2012 Range, now look how times change
You b____es'll never get a ring, LeBron James
Cause I got all the game, used to move Daddy the King
Gettin' dirty money with my lil'
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