Mack 10 Based on a True Story Lyrics

Based on a True Story Track Listing
  • 1 Mack Manson (intro)
  • 2 Chicken Hawk II
  • 3 Mack 10, Mack 10
  • 4 Bangin’ Gears (skit)
  • 5 Backyard Boogie
  • 6 Can’t Stop
  • 7 Tonight’s the Night
  • 8 Aqua Boogie (skit)
  • 9 The Guppies
  • 10 Inglewood Swangin’
  • 11 Dopeman
  • 12 What You Need? (Dopeman ’97)
  • 13 Only in California
  • 14 Gangster Poem (skit)
  • 15 W/S foe Life
  • 16 Based on a True Story
  • Newscaster: In the news tonight rap star Mack 10 releases his second
    solo album titled "Based On A True Story," and according to reliable
    sources Ha, he laughs in the face of the sophomore jinx. After the
    release of Westside Connection and Mack's new record, gangster rap
    seems to be at an all time high.

    Verse 1
    Either the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat
    you either got ends or struggle to make ends meet
    You can either turn square or keep the mind of a rebel
    some uppity livin' good some faced with death in the ghetto
    I'm a product of the streets so I vow to never slip
    so I trust no one and keep a P. Coltrane on my hip
    I always paid attention while my O.G's was teachin'
    Rule number one if it's on blast the first ***** reachin'
    either death or the pen' **** I had to do better
    It was a must I moved on and now I'm all about cheddar
    a young entrepreneur I rather slang than bang
    now girls be like you go Mack 10 baby do yo thang
    So I continue to get down and I keep writin' rhymes
    and I parlay every dollar to flip at least a hundred times
    So keep your game tight and it's all fame and glory
    and everything I recite's Based On A True Story

    Chorus <"Story" sung in background throughout>
    You can feel *****
    It's based on a true story
    You know it's real *****
    Based on a true story

    Verse 2
    The year 1986 is when it all started
    now eleven years later we still rough and cold hearted
    and as the saga continues I ride the wave like a Sea Doo
    not to knock hip hop but gangsta rap is what we do
    *****s on they first album
    already sold a mil'
    So before you knock our style
    at least admit that it's real
    It's all sex drugs and violence
    so you pretend you ain't checkin'
    You mean to tell me people
    really ain't dyin' every second
    Now y'all made the rules
    *****s can say what they choose
    So if you gone ban Gangsta rap
    then you got to ban the news
    That means no weather report
    no Waco and the bad reverand
    No channel 4 channel 7 and no film at eleven
    With no high school diplomas we became millionaires
    media mad 'cause we winning and we really playin' fair
    So keep your game tight and it's all fame and glory
    and everything I recite's Based On A True Story


    Verse 3
    I crumble green on a magazine
    ready to roll a joint
    damn in this billboard
    I'm number one with a hollow point
    It was a rough road ahead
    but for my kids I gotta pave it
    so I twist one shake the weed out
    close the book up and save it
    'Cause my son li'l Mack
    might grow up and have a crew
    and he can show all his homies
    this what my daddy used to do
    See I was raised around gangstas
    and grindas since a youth
    so the **** I rap abouts like 99% truth
    With dedicated fans from bebe kids
    to bambinos and *****s that's CEO's
    before they reach they three O's
    Maneuver through the corporate world
    makin' moves to take ours
    Rolling big German luxury and Italian sports cars
    so watch what you do 'cause you know we playa hated
    and everytime it's a homicide they call it gang related
    So keep your game tight and it's all fame and glory
    and everything I recite's Based On A True Story

    Chorus (2X)

    Too $hort talking: Say Mack baby, it's yo pa'tna $hort dog man.
    You know I got yo back boy. You know a ***** like me I just left
    the Ferrarri dealer man. I ain't go lie I know you ridin' rims.
    But the problem is, it's a lot of motha****as out there that think we
    rappers man. That think we just sit at home and make this up at
    our momma's house. I hate to tell y'all man some of us are real playas
    real ballers biitch.

    Written by: Anthony Banks, Dedrick Rolison
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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