Chris Miles Bars Pt III Lyrics

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I'm back
Never stopping till my pockets are big as loosers
Man I spit it like a chopper the ...60 bullets, blat
Since a youngin I've been hungry for success
Now I'm steadily getting it, so my nemesis are stress
I get the pen and I'ma rest, gotta get this off my chest
Keep it real to my last breath, I'm sick of sitting at a desk
Like, like, I ain't even named bars in
But I'm still going harder than all you retards
Let me just lyrical Mohamed flow faster than a comet
Comments about my video, silly do you preposterous
Real talk, about a burner learn mathematics
Cause I already got my role played out like it's map quest
Forget your past and follow your own trail
I wanna date a super star, looking like gomez, oh yes, yes
I spit dirty like I pollute, rappers don't want the beef
So instead I give em soul food
No dude can step to me, sever beasts with the melodies
These amateurs all, tryina be me, I feed em remedies
Yeah, I cannot stand these haters, disabilities
Stacking all this freaking cheese, make my wallet look disease
Bro you wanna fit to be, anything that's close to me
Hopefully, my door opens with increase
I guess suppose to be, they saw me buzzin
Now the guys tryina get close to me
Y'all you can fall back, I don't care bout what your motives be
Hi, my name is chris miles, and I'm wish 6 styles
And I'm on your iPod,
Look, I get the finger snappin, I'm sick with the rappin
Don't you understand, got you pumping and jamming em
My chacks now they comprehend
Yeah, the youngest kid to straight up spit it hard
Never was the type of dude to care bout your opinion, bra
So be so sinister, step up and I'm killing bars
I'm something you can't see, call my ...
With my homies I be broke, got the realest in my circle
And I'm born and raised that east coast where ...universal
Trick I never full of lames
Got the ride or die and no fake friends
Stacking ... no raybans, I see through out this world like r2d2
Yeah man this track was just light work
So just wait for what I really do
Never fin to move yeah I shake hand
They love me like I'm rain man
Hop up in my space ship, then my low be gone so matrix
Enable the brain, play through the vein
Aim for the lames, I ain't choosing
Man I'm staying the same
They say I'm deranged when I'm driving the range with no license
Better know I'm bringing the pain, I feel stressed...
I'm just hearing these voices all up in my head
I can see my future coming
I can feel it in my stomach
I got cash on my, my membrane,
And my pen games be on your pow
I'm the freaking man, young get, do you
Rubber ...get my team mula
That's the motto homie you know what I'm bout to do
And we were never me wrong
You think I'm stuck up in kaki
And your girl call me a hottie
I told her please let go go me
Cause I'm getting claustrophobic
Smart kid but I get it big,
And if you track out I'm duckin like a limbo stick
It's been a minute since I'm passing competition
I'm suggesting that you dudes step your game up
Really I'm a bad ass like joey...
Got xxl wit ha fast xl, ...
Tryina make a millie with a pencil..
I've been grinding for so long
I can't even see it straight
Studio the 6 in the morning, even on week days
Youngs wanna do it, you haters was never able
Now they see me buzzin and tryina ask me favors
Like we cool or something,
You tryina mess with my mind
And man I ain't acting cocky, but I'm one of a kind
I'm some realistic titty grind, too sarcastic
So why you expect me to front over a youtube comment
When I got bigger things to care about,
My whole team embarrass y'all
All I do is ...homie tell me what you mad about
I show up to the club, warrup, I'm not allowed in
I be me, like palin, poses or nada
I flow like hydraulics, been hot like the tropics
You comment that non sense, you got even acknowledged, I'm gone!

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