Azealia Banks Barbie Shit Lyrics

Keep it moving (x9)

(Long weave, lipstick) I-I be on that Barbie Shit
(Pretty in the face and) A bitch look plastic (x2)

[Verse 1]
What up, I fucks with all things monetary
My urge for the dough is involuntary
I need that cream like Ben and Jerry
I'm so caked up in the commissary
Used to eat mad chips at the front of the ?
Now I stack mad chips at the front of the ?
And I got mad clips at the front of the Jeep
So don't get caught trying to sample the cheese, huh
Nacho like you can't have lactose
I stay with new shit like assholes
Smoke that weed, get buck like rascals
Niggas wanna pop, put them up like tadpoles
Who's that? Who's me? You already know
Ms. Banks, 18, all about the dough
Mocassins, zooted jeans and polo
Frank hat, 151 logo
In Soho, eyes low from the loco
Cause I hit that swish like a chokehold
Y'all just clowning, niggas straight Bozos
Still cherry lounging? Man that's an old flow
A bitch don't dance? better do it for 5 g's
Niggas stay frontin' like their clothes worth somethin'
Well that looks like H

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