Handsome Devil Barbecue Lyrics

Love and Kisses from the Underground Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Tie Me Up
  • 2 Makin' Money
  • 3 Everything
  • 4 Tonight
  • 5 Samurai
  • 6 Back Into Action
  • 7 Sorry Charlie
  • 8 I Fall Down
  • 9 Hard Living Clean
  • 10 Barbecue
  • 11 Bring It On
  • guess I did it again...
    well I embarrassed you in front of my friends
    It always happens this way
    I should have known that I would do it again
    I was just trying to make an impression
    But once again I caused destruction
    Can you figure out what's wrong with me?

    I am not your perfect model
    Mess things up should be my motto
    I just want to fit in...
    Maybe get a girl friend...
    And be invited to a barbecue
    Is that really so hard to do?
    For me it is

    Sittin home all alone
    What a way to spend my Saturday night
    Everybody I know
    Went to a party but I wasn't invited
    It's kind of funny how the story went
    You get a reputation for a couple incidents
    I guess I figured out what's wrong with me


    And sometimes I wonder (I wonder ahhh)
    What it'd be like to be popular
    And I sometimes I wonder
    How could I be cool?


    Written by: Stephen Lee Bivens
    Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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