Shyne Bang Lyrics

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I done ****ed the baddest *****es ask Trina
Give her coke to stuff between her, said she loved my demeanor
Felonies and misdemeanors, I'm vilified
I just, rap on the side, black mafia ties
Prolific words, I speak for the unheard
*****s who love guns, money, girls, and furs
Sittin' up in the mans', runnin' ****
On the phone moving bricks, orderin' hits
Perfected the game, diamond infested the chain
*****s think I change I just want to watch 'em change
Livin' the American dream
Drugs, violence, sex, and loaded magazines
That's all I could talk about in these sixteen
'Cause that's all I live, ask Tibs
It is what is, either graveyards or consecutive life bids, ****

[Chorus: x4]
*****s want to bang, we could bang
*****s want to slang, we could slang

*****s want to bang we could bang out
Till the clip's done, or your vital arteries hang out
Ham a cot, Bad Boy, the black Camelot
Raise the price and connect the dots
Through life's journeys, all I need is a couple of mack mils
A couple of mils and good attorneys
Skatin' on big blades, goin' out in a blaze in my last days
I'll probably die with a bad drug trade or an overdose
Without tellin' my moms, sorry it was close
My wife and my ***** fightin' over my notes
All my *****s skied north makin' a toast
Till hell, just gimme bad *****es in Channel
Connects wit, Chinese cartels and that new S-L
And the judge that's gon' set my bail

[Chorus: x4]

I'm on top of this ****, look at the wrists
Too much rocks in this ****, ain't that a *****
Make hits, til my last breath
With that *****, the P you double F
So lay back in the cut ************ 'fore you get shot
I kill *****s on the spot like a cop
I did it all four seasons suites to a cot
Give *****es nothing but breath mints and this ****
Call me what, there's a way to eat
And all we got is sports, entertainment or the streets
I'm in deep, think of Citibank when I sleep
Ching, ching like I was from Shaolin
Brooklyn ***** what you say, keep stylin'
My air force ones you couldn't walk a mile in
I love politics, narcotics, and violins
Bad Boy forever, we move in silence

[Chorus: x4]

Written by: Jamaal Barrow, Jeremy A. Graham
Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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