Chief Keef feat. Lil B Bang (Remix) Lyrics

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(Yeah Based God yeah yeah yeah remix Chi-town What it do ???? Woo Woo Swag Swag Yeah Basegod Basedgod)
That Smoose got me gone you can hear in the air
We on top like some stairs
I don't give no fuck I be going to hell
Can't fuck around with bitches (bitches)
Because they be acting like hoes (hoes)
There's a lot hoes out here though
But I'm a let this Hammer blow
Like... Bang,Bang, Bang Bang Bang
Bang,Bang Bang Bang Bang
Bang,Bang (x2)

[Verse 1: Lil' B]
My niggas know this here
I will fucking you take you out
I don’t talk off out of the mouth
I just come in with that Glock
Niggas know I took that case
I was facing 36
I had blood upon my hand and I still ain't say shit
Niggas talk about that black mask
I still got that black mask
I'll come out of retirement
And I'll have you looking like Batman
And shouts out to B-Unit
Wasn't old enough for D-Unit
And brangdang and bang, bang
Bitch Basedworld we the new movement
Shouts out to Chief Keef
That Nigga is my pedigree
I don't speak on it but really homie
Niggas getting fed clips for real homie
AK got the dick on it
Yeah bitch, this Lil' B
I still rock that pink shirt
And murk a nigga up in the streets

(You feel me, I fuck with my nigga Chief Keef
Remix, Yeah, Remix Chicago Bay Area Thuggin')

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Glock 9
Tech9 39 .45
When we hit him he ain't coming back
Smoking loud this buddy loud, so I ain't coming back
And I'm Chief Keef bitch
Off of Pillar I feel like E.T bitch
Do a bitch, spin like CD bitch
Can't get called by CPD bitch
My nigga Dewski he got my back
Just bring a 9 we ain't got a mack
You better listen we got the mack
And on ya back we make it Nolia Clap
We got 50 shot text so don't get where
We gone make some bullets rain on your block
Your bitch sucking all on my cock
On the block weed of the shopping shop
Smoking stank all we know is bang
Fuck run a train
We gone roll a train
Big propane like novacane
Chief Keef bitch I'm so insane
And there's dough boys I'm round with
City in black gates
Young money in 4'6
Flip a nigga like Patti cake


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