Cassidy Bang Bang Lyrics

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I put the beat in banger, used to gettin money
nigga you know I'm no stranger to the hustle
trapped up like a raider from the tomb, bossing my platoon
I do shit that you boy can't do
I'm known in the streets as a nigga that can get it
Don't move an inch or the beat's on your fitty, trust me you can get it
yeah nigga you can get it
throw the hammer back and watch the motherfucker bang, bang, bang

If I'm not the best nigga then I got next
cause I talk that shit like a nigga with hot breath
you niggas not threats them thangs are banging
things can change if you never got shot, yeah
I'm quick the bus like a man that never got sex
but you don't get the message like a blind mand that got text
I used to love to box until I shot tex
now I never broad, like a broad that ain't got breasts
I'm not pressed, I don't wanna talk
man, my motherfucking gun sparking
make a nigga sommersault,
I shoot the damn thing and make a nigga hand spring
or I spark still and make a nigga cartwheel
matter fact, rap the ghat, turn into an acrobat
had the cat flipping round before I put the pistol down
you lame mouth you better keep my name out
I ain't in the gang, I don't bang, I just bang out


I'm back out riding, gun in your hand but let the center like
shotgun with the shotgun seat reclining
I pop up on niggas, let it off
close shop up on niggas, infection, stay in the cut on niggas
i'm in a whole nother section
I can look in the mirror, my reflection, move like inception
extraordinary gentleman what more could I say?
got the picture in the cut, like Dorian Gray
I'm a shooter like Allan Quarter main
I give you morning pain, first page in the hard nigga, hall of fame
durain derock on the beat, as p be the ghost
I make it pop on the streets
traveling in the spot for a week
one eye open put the glock on the sleep


I let the thang blam, they call me the rain man
I'm out of bullets get them hung nigga hang man
you get me hang it up, these problems I flame it up
bang it up, snapback, long tea bangertock
yeah, my block pitching, yeah I got pigeons
i'm in the cook and i fuck with bitches that got kitchens
if i can't find jordan then I ride pipping
i leave bloody and skin red like rob griffin
home real spit, the shotty blast you gonn see the body bags
men in black no will smith
real shit, used to grind and we still grind
beefing with the grill time, full metal steel time
niggas getting stole on tryina steal mine
cock back peel mine, tape em up real time
Chubby, the mask on them berettas bang, sound clear homes?
round here, we gonn let it bang bang

[Hook] x 2

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